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Updated: Apr 21, 2023

Hello Wonderful PAC Community!

Please read the following important announcements



- PETS - Curb & Leash to Avoid FINES!



- Note of Thanks

1. GATE / SECURITY - We are pleased that our Gate system repair and overhaul is complete. We are looking into adding even more safety and security features. The added security that the gate provides is comforting. Still, let's continue our community watchfulness and use basic precautions for safekeeping. We ask that you also continue to STAY ALERT at the Gate for safe entry and exit, especially when multiple cars start lining up.

Note: Our local Police Department is working with us! They have expressed a willingness to answer our questions and concerns. We’ll be Emailing them a list of concerns within a couple of weeks. So, send your questions ASAP to be included.

2. PETS - Unleashed walks and Relieving your pets in the Common Areas (gazebos & front parks) is PROHIBITED - We love our fur buddies. We also love keeping our Common areas clean and plants alive. When an accident happens, we thank you for cleaning up after your pets. Please continue to leash up - it can prevent attacks, accidents and free roaming into your neighbors yard.

3. WEBSITE - REGISTER for VIP Access then Visit regularly! [use your email the word "password" as the temporary "password"] Our website is on its way to being fully interactive. Don’t miss out on Community Events, Tips, News, Meeting Minutes, HOA Bylaws/Amendments, Information, etc.

4. WELCOME NEW NEIGHBORS - Join us in wishing a Warm Welcome with a friendly hand wave or smile to The Preston Family at 185 Beracah Walk.

5. GO HARD FOR YOUR YARD !- It's the perfect time to spruce up your lawns and curb appeal! Start now in order to win any battle with weeds, carpenter bees, and other yard issues. Round of Applause <<< for those who are already doing this well. Share your tips! We'd love to hear from you. --Landscape Company contact for those in need:

Hernandez Landscaping - 404-314-1376 (Tell them The Parks at Cascade sent you)

Finally, a Note of Thanks for your support and contributions toward keeping our community beautiful !

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