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🌸 IMPORTANT 🌸 It’s Spring Ya’ll

The beautiful spring blossoms and the longer days that bring us closer to summer are here! As your HOA President, it’s my pleasure to keep our community running smoothly, ensuring The Parks at Cascade remains the delightful place we all call home.  Please take the time to read the following important : 


 Reminder: 2nd Quarter Dues are due by April 1st. Avoid those annoying late fees with a timely payment.  It ensures we can maintain our common areas, enhance community amenities, and host the events we all look forward to. Thank you in advance for doing your part with this.

Lawn Care Opt in / Opt Out  As the flowers bloom and the grass awakens, it’s clear that lawn care season is upon us! It’s time to ensure each yard in our beloved community reflects the beauty of The Parks at Cascade. In addition to you doing your lawn care part to maintain the overall aesthetics of our community, the HOA has proactively contracted a landscaping vendor.  This service will be utilized to avoid violation fines, spruce up any yards that appear unkempt, ensuring our neighborhood is a setting we all cherish. Please note, the service fee for an unscheduled yard tidying will be $150, to be billed to the respective homeowner.  SEE separate OPT IN/OUT email for more service details.

 Overnight Street Parking:  Overnight street parking is Prohibited and subject to fines.  Let’s keep our streets clear for emergency response and waste collection providers. Our waste collection heroes have shared their woes about navigating around parked cars, which makes their job tougher than it needs to be. So, Let’s help them out! 

 Gate Safety TIPS : Round of applause to each of you for exercising more safety and care when entering and exiting the neighborhood.  This has reduced gate accidents/incidents by 98% . So this proactive reminder is simply asking everyone to continue to be Alert:

     - The Exit Gate cannot and will not close on your vehicle unless your vehicle is parked or sitting alongside the gate.  Sounds simple because it is.  So please, if exit traffic starts piling up, you must stay alert and refrain from parking or sitting squarely in the gate's path (as pictured below). Any damages to your vehicle or the gate for doing this will be your responsibility

[Avoid Sitting or Parking alongside the Gate]

     - Power Outages; The gate automatically unlocks during an outage.  It does not automatically open.  In the event of an outage, our Gate/Security volunteers have done an outstanding job responding to ensure access is not disrupted for a lengthy period of time.  We thank you for your patience as we tweak this protocol to be even more efficient.

Promote Your Business !: on Our Website’s Business Section, PAC Legends: Are you a business owner within our community? We’d love to support you! If you wish to feature your services in the “PAC Business Legends” section of our website, please send us your contact information and a brief description of your business. Let’s build our community not just in spirit, but in economy too!

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