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SignUp or Opt-Out - Group Rate Lawncare 🌼

Let’s make The Parks bloom ! 

Reach out by email for your rate or to Opt out

We have negotiated discounted group lawn care service rates (65-85 biweekly) for those desiring to outsource yard work.  This service will not only cover your lush lawns but also includes the care of shrubs, flower beds, and leaf blowing in fall. OPTING IN for this service not only saves you the hassle and time but also contributes to our collective effort to keep The Parks at Cascade looking its best.

Like last year's growing season, this vendor(licensed insured) will be utilized to spruce up unkempt yards, bringing them back compliant with our CC&R's, avoid fines and ensure our neighborhood is a setting we all cherish. The service fee for an unscheduled CC&R  yard tidying will be $150,  billed to the respective homeowner.  

Interested in outsourcing Lawncare?

Reply to this email with questions or to get your rate

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